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Here at Discount Screen Supplies, we are here to meet all of your screen printing needs. We have created a one stop shop for all of the screen printing supplies you will need, all at the lowest prices in the industry.

We have been a well respected industry supplier for over 12 years, we have researched and mastered nearly every screen printing method. We have printed on just about every substrate, using every ink series available to the industry. Having been a decorator of promotional items for over a decade, we were constantly searching for the best priced quality products so we could remain competitive and pass the savings onto our customers. Over the years we have grown to be one of this country’s largest importers of blank goods, so we decided to use our large purchasing power to import our extensive screen supplies as well. Now we are able to offer all those products and the savings to all the print shops across the country. In addition, all the supplies we sell are the same ones we use to decorate our finished product in house. So if we recommend them, it’s because we used them and we know they work. Check out our variety of supplies offered, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Squeegees- At Discount Screen Supplies We offer all Polyurethane squeegees, they are the most common type used in the screen print industry today, while slightly more expensive, they offer better chemical and abrasion resistance than other materials on the market. screen printer can purchase a squeegee with many different profiles. The profile of the Squeegee determines the thickness of the ink deposit laid down, and the effectiveness of the Squeegee on different substrates. Available edge profiles include a square edge, a square edge with rounded corners, a round edge, a double-sided beveled edge, and a single beveled edge. Proper Squeegee maintenance is vital to producing quality printed images. For example, when printing with aggressive inks, each side of the blade shouldn't be used for more than 4 hours. Implementing a rotation schedule with the blades will dramatically increase the overall life of a Squeegee. By using the Squeegee for 4 hours at a time, and then replacing with a new one, the blade will last much longer.

Emulsion-Emulsion for your screen printing needs is also offered here at DSS. We are currently offering emulsion for graphic and textile. When separating color layers, you spread a thin layer of photosensitive emulsion on the screen and let it dry. You then need to expose the screen to light. The light causes the emulsion to harden and bind to the fabric. Where the light strikes the screen, the emulsion will bind, making a solid layer. Where the light is blocked, the emulsion remains water-soluble. After exposing the screen, you spray down the screen with water thoroughly, washing off the emulsion only where your image was placed; this clear area is where ink will be pressed through the screen when you print.

Mesh- Low-Elongation Monofilament Polyester Screen printing mesh is what we at Discount Screen Supply are offering in a wide range of mesh counts. Our mesh products offer significant advantages over the traditional monofilament polyester such as faster tensioning without damage to the threads, Improved fabric strength, Improved registration due to stable tension, Faster Print Speeds and more.

Film - Being a screen printer ourselves, we are able to offer screen printing film at the lowest prices in the industry. With comparable quality to film companies around the nation, Discount Screen Supplies offers you a wide variety of different sized clear film for both laser and inkjet printers. You get the film you need, at the quality you want, for the wholesale prices nobody else can offer. Pallet Spray Adhesive - Used to keep your material from moving during the screen printing process, DSS offers pallet spray adhesive that we, ourselves use while printing our apparel.

Ink - Last but not least, we do offer Screen Printing Ink here at Discount Screen Supplies. Durable and high quality, you can print your film with confidence knowing that you images will be burned onto your screen perfectly. The same ink we use here in house, you can trust that you are getting the highest quality ink at the lowest prices for all of your screen printing needs.