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Mist Spray Tack

Spray Tack is used in screen printing to keep T-Shirts, jackets, or any material from moving while printing. Any movement of the substrate will cause undesirable prints, and make multi-color registration impossible.

The Screen Printing Adhesive Spray provided at Discount Screen Supplies is top quality, used by our very own printing professionals on a daily basis. With a fine mist spray pattern, our Spray Tack hold your products in place while printing, allowing you to print with maximum quality. Our Spray Tack also contains no chlorofluocarbons, ozone depleting chemicals, or methylede chloride, as we only offer safe, environmentally friendly products that we use ourselves.

Directions for Use: Shake before using. Clean the object or surface thoroughly. Point valve toward surface and spray from a distance of 8-12 inches, keeping the can moving to avoid any buildup in a particular area. Only a thin film is required. Avoid over spraying. Let adhesive dry to tack before bonding.

14 oz. Spray Cans - 12 Can Case pack

Screen printing Adhesive Mist Spray Tack
Not available for individusal sale.

12Pack case only -$52.00/case